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The Psychological Science of Storytelling

It hit me about two years ago, sometime after I started this blog. Somewhere between the comedy shows and alarming amount of documentaries I began watching, and the seemingly endless number of people I have met in the last few … Continue reading

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Does Chewing Gum Help You Concentrate?

If you want to be a rocket scientist, you might want to start chewing that stick of gum. At least, that’s the hypothesis of a growing body of research that suggests chewing bubble gum is correlated to the ability to … Continue reading

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Possessed by Demons, Animals, and Nonsense

“Japan doesn’t have that stuff. That’s more of a Western thing.” Just like I constantly have to remind Westerners how they’re horribly wrong about the bizarre and ridiculous stereotypes of Japan, I had to show my Japanese friend that she … Continue reading

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The Brain is Not Simply Split into Two Totally Separate Halves, and Other Lessons on Skepticism

One year ago, I wrote an article that skewered the infographic that one website had been sending to the public. I showed the evidence that contradicted what was claimed, and I ended up busting two persistent myths in that article. The … Continue reading

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Left-brain vs. Right-brain Learning Styles

What can right and left brain distinctions tell us about learning styles? This is the wrong question. As it turns out, the question should be “do learning styles even exist?” Continue reading

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Skeptikai Notices (Sep1) – Medicine, sex, memory, and skepticism

Half of GPs are okay with sex with patients, as long as they transfer; you’re more likely to remember your first kiss than losing your virginity; memory influences perception; and an Italian science blogger is sued by a pseudoscience purveyor. Continue reading

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Skeptikai Notices (June18) – News, psychology, Japan, & more

Skeptikai notices from June 18. Continue reading

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Skeptikai Notices (June7) – Psychology, Japan, books, & more

Here are some things Skeptikai noticed recently… Continue reading

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