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Typhoon Talas Brings Tsunami-like Damage to Japan

While the English-speaking news media has been busy reporting various natural disasters in North America – such as Hurricane Irene, which resulted in a total of 55 deaths – I haven’t seen as much attention on the simultaneous devastation that’s been happening here. Typhoon 12, or “Talas,” as it’s known outside Japan, has brought what looks like another tsunami to the same coast that was ravaged on March 11. The pictures look eerily familiar, and the death toll could top 100. Talas not only shattered records, it gave an extra slap in the face to a slowly healing nation.

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Land of the Scorching Sun – Part 1

The people of Eastern Japan are now in a constant struggle between resisting the fierce heat and trying to conserve energy. As I mentioned earlier, this makes for a very dangerous summer. So far we have not had summer blackouts, as the region has been quite successful in minimizing energy usage since the earthquake. However, we have come extremely close to exceeding the energy usage limit, and there are now scores of people being treated for heat-related illnesses. The humidity is as intense as ever, and people are still debating about whether certain drastic measures ought to be taken in order to further conserve power.

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