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Oh, the Humanities! – Who Cares About Humanities and Social Sciences?

The “Mickey-Mouse courses,” the “fluffy concepts,” the “GPA boosters,” the “classes with all the hot girls”… or as you know might also know them, the humanities. Those artsy classes that only those theatre-types or cultural elitists understand. And then there are those social sciences, the kind that don’t deal with the real or hard sciences like chemistry or physics, but the unscientific ones like society and behavior. They don’t involve some of the hard choices that come from important fields of today like business and computer science. In fact, what good are the humanities anyways? And just who needs (or even likes) social sciences?

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: A Brief History

Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning classes have been online for the past week, and tens of thousands are watching the video lectures intently. Today marks the first homework assignment deadline, and the online message boards are ablaze with discussion. I’ve decided to summarize information in the textbook that is used or suggested for both classes, to which most online students probably do not have access. The foundations of artificial intelligence (AI) will be discussed here, spanning all the way back from the time of the Greek Philosophers.

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