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Can Dogs Sniff Out Cancer? Can Rats Sniff Out Tuberculosis?

I know what you’re thinking – “dogs can sniff out cancer? What a bunch of nonsense!” And do you really want to trust rats with detecting a disease, when they were responsible for so much of the spread of disease … Continue reading

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Possessed by Demons, Animals, and Nonsense

“Japan doesn’t have that stuff. That’s more of a Western thing.” Just like I constantly have to remind Westerners how they’re horribly wrong about the bizarre and ridiculous stereotypes of Japan, I had to show my Japanese friend that she … Continue reading

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Is Preserving the Panda Doing More Harm than Good?

Pandas… should we let them die or keep preserving them? It’s not an easy answer, but more and more are saying we should say goodbye. Continue reading

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My (animal) Kingdom for a Horse… or bull

Many alternative medicines use parts from various animals, regardless of their actual effectiveness. They are also used for childish magic rituals. Unfortunately, that means that pseudoscience is being funded at the expense of animals who are rapidly becoming extinct as a result. Continue reading

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The Orange and Black Market

The illegal trade in wildlife parts is now worth 10 billion dollars a year, making it the third most valuable illegal commodity in the world, following drugs and weapons. On the Chinese calendar, the next Year of the Tiger is … Continue reading

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