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Does Drinking Make College/University Students Happier?

A study on the social life of binge drinkers in college was published a month ago, and it’s not a good sign for the health of students. In short, binge drinkers reported being more satisfied with their social lives than their non-binging counterparts.ResearchBlogging.org Furthermore, the higher a student’s social status was, the higher the probability of binge drinking was. But before we speculatively run away with these findings, we have to be careful when interpreting them.

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Is Drinking Now Part of the University/College Experience?

Just what is being taught at school? The Western post-secondary education is supposed to be a place of intellectual discourse and personal exploration. However, new research is shining light on the exploration that people engage in as university or college students. It’s sad that something as unproductive as drinking is such a major part of the student culture, but it’s considered to be just another normal part of the bigger picture of education. But here’s the really surprising fact: Students at post-secondary institutes drink more than their non-student counterparts.

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The Science of Mobile Phone Usage While Driving, in Today’s Social World

A sad story out of Canada made the news rounds recently, after Montrealer Mathieu Fortin created a new facebook page for his girlfriend. ”I love you too and I will do all I can to make you happy, Mr. Fortin,” said Emy Brochu, in a text message that was reproduced on the new page. “Me too, bb,” Fortin replied, after a series of XXXXs, denoting kisses. The next set of messages, straight out of a heart-wrenching TV drama, involve a nervous Fortin asking her to contact him because he wants to “hear her beautiful voice.” After almost a day without receiving any message, he said “Is everything ok, my love? I’m a bit worried.” Unfortunately, the facebook page was dedicated to her memory, because she died that night by smashing into the back of a transport truck. A police investigation consequently showed that she was probably distracted by her mobile phone.

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That’s Just the Way it Goes

Japan being traditional (in terms of its legal system), and sticking to its guns can be seen as a double-edged sword. It’s nice to see consistency, and enforcing the notion that no one is above the law, but is it going too far? Recently, after arriving at the Narita International airport, English comic actor Russell Brand was deported from Japan due to his criminal record from over a decade prior. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, though. He was not the first celebrity to be unceremoniously expelled from Japan.

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