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Does Drinking Make College/University Students Happier?

A study on the social life of binge drinkers in college was published a month ago, and it’s not a good sign for the health of students. In short, binge drinkers reported being more satisfied with their social lives than … Continue reading

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Is Drinking Now Part of the University/College Experience?

Just what is being taught at school? The Western post-secondary education is supposed to be a place of intellectual discourse and personal exploration. However, new research is shining light on the exploration that people engage in as university or college students. … Continue reading

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The Science of Mobile Phone Usage While Driving, in Today’s Social World

How bad is driving while texting or talking on a phone? How often do people do it? Is the number increasing? You may be surprised. Continue reading

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That’s Just the Way it Goes

Doing drugs in Japan? If you’re Japanese, you’ll go to jail. If you’re foreign, you’ll get deported. …After going to jail. That’s just the way it goes in Japan. Love it or leave it. Continue reading

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