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How Many Teenage Daughters Are Meeting Strangers from the Internet Offline?

Hot teen girl with laptop

A new study has just come out which reveals something about the relationship between technology and our social lives. At no time in history have we been so technologically connected to one another. We can get and stay in contact with people at any hour of the day from virtually anywhere on the planet. The reason I’m saying this is because I don’t want you to be too shocked when I tell you the percentage of teenage girls are meeting people offline.

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Japan’s Social Network Wars – Facebook Beats Twitter and Mixi

It’s official – Facebook wins. The American-based company struggled to make an impact in Japan at first, but now it seems as though Japan has warmed up to Facebook. Their only real competition was Mixi – the MySpace of Japan (which came out before Facebook) – and Twitter. They both had a good run, but it seems that the island has spoken, and Facebook won’t be surpassed by either of them.

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Western Games Are Becoming More Popular in Japan

A decade ago, if you asked a gamer what the best video game ever made was, some of the most popular answers would be Super Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, and Ocarina of Time. These still frequent many lists on the web of the best video games of all time, but what’s really notable is that they were all made by Japanese companies. For many years, the Western game industry failed to make a significant impact on the Japanese market, whereas Japanese companies had success in both markets. But now it appears that Japanese people are picking up more Western titles than ever before, and perhaps Japan’s games are not as acclaimed as they used to be.

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The Science and Art of Being a Sniper (15 Top Documentaries)

Snipers are one of the best-used weapons in armies and law enforcement agencies all over the world. The lone sniper hides behind an open window, waiting for the perfect opportunity. Their guns fire several kilometres away, so they can take aim and get out of a situation quickly without being seen or putting themselves at risk. Or at least… that’s what we think of when we see them in the movies. Evidently, there is a heck of a lot more to using a sniper rifle than these experts are given credit for, considering factors such as altitude, location, light, weather, wind speed, and timing. The documentaries compiled below show the science and art of being an effective sniper.

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Advertising to the Brain – Is Neuromarketing Ethical?

Have you enjoyed any recent commercials you saw on TV? Was there one that you considered profound, hilarious, moving, or inspiring? Advertisements nowadays are sometimes designed to appeal to you by using an increasingly popular procedure called “neuromarketing.” Neuromarketing is the study and practice of measuring how people’s brains respond to an advertisement, in order to maximize its effectiveness. This is done by monitoring things such as brain activity, eye-tracking, and skin response. But along with the technological advances that allow people to scan brains in order to sell products comes the all-important question: Is neuromarketing ethical?

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Love Plus Imagination – Part 3: Why Visual Novels (and Manga Comics) are More Popular in Japan

“Only a Japanese person would like that…” An ignorant and perhaps subtly racist statement, sure. However, for a different reason, there’s some truth to it when it comes to manga (Japanese comics) or visual novels (a video game genre that entails slow-paced story-telling, lots of reading, and pop-up options that can completely change the course of the game). To be clear, the statement is not true because Japanese people are inherently more inclined to like visual novels; but rather, they are more likely to give such games a chance and overlook issues that most English-speakers/Westerners would not tolerate as easily, because of their culture. The information below will reveal what the English-speaking world is ignorant of in several specific aspects of Japanese popular culture.

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Centenarians: “The Key to a Long Life is Video Gaming”

Apparently the fountain of youth may come with batteries. Recent research suggests that sedentary activities such as watching an hour of TV may take off 22 minutes of your life, but they didn’t say that about video gaming. Physical activity is obviously important, but there are people who thank video games for their mental health. For those who scoff at this activity as just a mindless form of entertainment, it would be best to wait until you hear them speak about it. They may make you change your mind.

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Will Encyclopaedia Britannica Live On Only in the History Books?

Maybe if it’s an e-book.

After almost two and a half centuries of publication, Britannica is no more. Between Google and Wikipedia, it took less than two decades to render the well-respected encyclopaedia useless. However, the Britannica website is still going to stay active, so it’s not as if we have lost a resource all together. But e-books readers and smartphones are the way of the future, and carrying around gigantic books is quickly becoming the way of the past. Why did this happen, and is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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The Science of Mobile Phone Usage While Driving, in Today’s Social World

A sad story out of Canada made the news rounds recently, after Montrealer Mathieu Fortin created a new facebook page for his girlfriend. “I love you too and I will do all I can to make you happy, Mr. Fortin,” said Emy Brochu, in a text message that was reproduced on the new page. “Me too, bb,” Fortin replied, after a series of XXXXs, denoting kisses. The next set of messages, straight out of a heart-wrenching TV drama, involve a nervous Fortin asking her to contact him because he wants to “hear her beautiful voice.” After almost a day without receiving any message, he said “Is everything ok, my love? I’m a bit worried.” Unfortunately, the facebook page was dedicated to her memory, because she died that night by smashing into the back of a transport truck. A police investigation consequently showed that she was probably distracted by her mobile phone.

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Who Needs a Heart Anymore? – The Medical History of the Artificial Heart

We all know that we need a heart to live, but the human heart is quite susceptible to damage and diseases that can only be prevented up to a point. A heart attack occurs when oxygen-rich blood is blocked, and so is not pumped to a part of heart muscle. We can take limited measures to prevent such an occurrence from happening, such as by eating healthy food, but we cannot reduce the possibility of occurrence to 0%. If blood flow isn’t restored early enough, the deprived section of heart muscle will begin to die. When I was a child, I learnt that we humans need two things to live: a heart, and a brain. However, with the current state of our medical technology, do we actually need a heart anymore to be a living human?

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