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Say “Tata” to Unwanted Wrinkles and Slap the Years Right Off Your Face!

Are you willing to pay $350 in the name of beauty? Do you have no sense of scientific literacy and want to get a quick fix? Do believe that anything coming from the “mythical land of the East” is magical? … Continue reading

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Shinya Yamanaka, stem cells, and the Next Generation of Medicine

Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka has been a big name in science for years, but now his research has finally been validated by the Nobel committee. He and British researcher John Gurdon and Yamanaka have just been awarded the Nobel prize … Continue reading

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Does Drinking Make College/University Students Happier?

A study on the social life of binge drinkers in college was published a month ago, and it’s not a good sign for the health of students. In short, binge drinkers reported being more satisfied with their social lives than … Continue reading

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Oh, For the Love of Smoking!

Why do people smoke when they know that smoking is bad for themselves? Reasons range from self-deception to “ignorance is bliss.” A popular video-advertisement from Thailand recently broadcasted the hypocrisy and foolishness of smokers, by sending children to ask for … Continue reading

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Guns in America – Part 1: The Current State of Gun Violence

With thousands of Americans dying from gun violence each year, it seems that such stories are in the news so often that – paradoxically – it’s rarely ever news anymore. However, high-profile cases such as the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado … Continue reading

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Doctors Make Mistakes… Even the Preventable Ones

 Five months after coming in for surgery to remove a section of his intestines, Nelson Bailey had come back because he still felt a lot of pain. Festering silently within his body for almost half a year was a sponge … Continue reading

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Centenarians: “The Key to a Long Life is Video Gaming”

Apparently the fountain of youth may come with batteries. Recent research suggests that sedentary activities such as watching an hour of TV may take off 22 minutes of your life, but they didn’t say that about video gaming. Physical activity … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Heart Anymore? – The Medical History of the Artificial Heart

With the current state of technology, do we really need a heart to survive? Take a look at the history of artificial heart technology, and see where we are today. Continue reading

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Rich People Don’t Smoke – The Simple Socioeconomics of Tobacco Consumption

Do you know how much money people spend on cigarettes? If you’re a heavy smoker, you need to hear this. Continue reading

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Hypnosis, the Power of Suggestion, and the Science of Hypnotherapy

Take the trip of two BBC documentaries which show the truth behind hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It’s a surprising and fascinating journey that will leave you more informed and interested in the practice. Continue reading

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