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Why Working Fewer Days/Hours is Better for Everyone

A lot has happened since John Maynard Keynes predicted in 1930 that a century later, we would be working only 15 hours a week. He may have made this calculation on expected output in relation to increasing productivity, but he must … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technology and Corporate Karate

“Disruptive technology” – a term I dislike, coined by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen in 1995 – refers to an innovation that is generally meant to provide more financially accessible alternatives to well-established products, in order to gain market share. As Christensen and … Continue reading

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Corporate Governance, and the Stakeholder vs. Shareholder Model

Corporate governance is not a term that comes up in everyday conversation, but it is a very informative concept to know. Corporate governance refers to how a corporation is governed. This entails who owns and controls the company, and how it … Continue reading

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Understanding ‘Labour Market Flexibility’ Should Matter to You

If you’re someone who wants to work to support yourself (i.e. basically everyone), then the labour market is important for you to understand. Just like the “supply and demand” of products in a market, the supply and demand of labour … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Leadership

“So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, And guided them with his skillful hands.” –Psalm 78:72 Leaders have surfaced in stories and historical records since the invention of writing. No matter what period, mankind has had … Continue reading

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How to Think About Employment

In order to learn more about the world, I have become interested in the study of what affects absolutely everyone throughout their adult lives: work. This article is meant to serve as a primer, to briefly introduce the key concepts … Continue reading

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