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Is Winning the Lottery Going to Change Your Life? Will it Improve It?

The two questions in the title are qualitatively different. One asks the question we all know the answer to. The other one is a bit less obvious. Everyone sees what life would be like with a huge amount of money – glamour, traveling, room service, shopping sprees, power, influence, etc. We have enough TV shows and movies to show us how great life would be like to have money. However, I don’t know of any movie or TV show that shows what the immediate post-winning life is like for people who are not used to possessing such vast wealth. It was reported a few days ago that Amanda Clayton – who I blogged about here, regarding her unwillingness to cancel food stamps even after winning – has died after overdosing on drugs. She’s just the newest member of the list of people whose lives were ruined after winning the lottery.

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