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New Gaydar Study: Bogus Science?

[Important updates below!] A brief complaint published in the Edmonton Journal caught my attention when it claimed to have spotted some bogus science. [The article in the Edmonton Journal has since been taken down.] A psychology paper out of Washington … Continue reading

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What Do Japanese Children Want to Be When they Grow Up? (Survey)

The Asahi Shimbun recently produced a ranking of first-year primary school children’s future aspirations. The article came out on April 24th, and it ranked the top ten answers for boys and girls. Oddly enough, the survey was conducted by the … Continue reading

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Canada Gets Tough on Masked Protestors

*Updates below* If a protestor marches outside, and no one around him can see his face, is he a criminal? Perhaps not as philosophical a question as a tree falling in a forest, but a new proposal from Canada is … Continue reading

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Advertising to the Brain – Is Neuromarketing Ethical?

Have you enjoyed any recent commercials you saw on TV? Was there one that you considered profound, hilarious, moving, or inspiring? Advertisements nowadays are sometimes designed to appeal to you by using an increasingly popular procedure called “neuromarketing.” Neuromarketing is … Continue reading

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Land of the Falling Sun – Japan On its Way to Becoming an Insignificant Nation

It pains me to say this nation that I love so much is falling off the world stage as a major player; but it needs to be said. A few weeks ago, India overtook Japan as the world’s third-biggest economy … Continue reading

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Baby Names and Hunger Games

Many people believe that the name you give your child will influence certain things about them. There are, after all, giant books of  baby names, some of which include a description of what the name means or represents. But people … Continue reading

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