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Predicting Ten Thousand Deaths in the Next Big Tokyo Earthquake

Millions of people in Japan are getting ever more nervous that “The Big One” will come soon – the earthquake that strikes Tokyo, the heart of Japan. This concern is certainly justified, ever since the 2011 earthquake raised the probability … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons that Prove Life is Not Fair (in April)

There have been a lot of recent news stories that make us just sit back in awe. April was full of them, and some were more publicized than others. Let’s look at the stories that were not so publicized, under five categories … Continue reading

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Faces in the Crowd – Kony 2012 and the Occupy Movement

Sometimes what you see is what you get. Other times, there’s more than meets the eye. I don’t want to talk so much about how we are manipulated by what we see on mediums like the TV and the internet, … Continue reading

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Japanese Students’ Opinions Can Be Manipulated by Stranger’s Opinion (Study)

If I asked a straight-forward question about your opinion on a simple topic, you would likely be able to articulate you thoughts. Now what if I asked that question, but before you gave an answer, you read the opinion of … Continue reading

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The Ten Most Educated and Smartest Countries in 2012

An interesting ranking was recently reported by Yahoo! Finance, on the ten most educated countries of the world. That is, which countries have the highest percentage of people with post-secondary education. Apparently college and university graduation rates have increased in half a century … Continue reading

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The 2012 Pigasus Awards

Magician and skeptic James Randi recently announced the winners of his annual Pigasus award. The awards go to five individuals, associations, or institutions which have been particularly harmful to the public in the past year. The reason he has this … Continue reading

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Love Plus Imagination – Part 3: Why Visual Novels (and Manga Comics) are More Popular in Japan

“Only a Japanese person would like that…” An ignorant and perhaps subtly racist statement, sure. However, for a different reason, there’s some truth to it when it comes to manga (Japanese comics) or visual novels (a video game genre that entails … Continue reading

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Is Getting Rid of Low-Value Currency Good for the Economy?

“Free your pennies from their prisons,” said Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty last week. This is his call to get Canadians’ coins from their piggybanks to the market place, where they can finally be retired. That is, the government’s federal … Continue reading

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New Model Restriction Law a Major Victory for Body Image

Who decides what is sexy? The interesting thing about the fashion industry is that there is no simple answer. Fashion designers would love to say “I decide what is sexy,” but that’s like giving a teacher all the credit for a … Continue reading

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Centenarians: “The Key to a Long Life is Video Gaming”

Apparently the fountain of youth may come with batteries. Recent research suggests that sedentary activities such as watching an hour of TV may take off 22 minutes of your life, but they didn’t say that about video gaming. Physical activity … Continue reading

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