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Toxic Racism Against Japan Since the March 11 Disaster (Part3)


In Part 1, we looked at how America does not seem to be over the Pearl Harbor attacks. In Part 2, we saw that almost 4 out of 10 Americans agree with the disturbing internet troll known as “Tamtampamela,” who said that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were a result of God’s intervention. That is an alarmingly high number of idiots. But the U.S. does not exactly have a monopoly on bigotry, and there are many good Americans who fight back against discrimination. So now, let’s look at the fair way to consider the filth that has been spewing outside of America.

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Toxic Racism Against Japan Since the March 11 Disaster (Part2)

Tamtampamela racist dipshit

I haven’t written as much on any topic as I have on this one; this record of racism against Japan since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of last year. But I think it’s important to catalogue many of the things said, because it highlights a number of problems that America has in the way they deal with the past. It also provides an answer to the question “where do they get this reputation from?” In Part 1, we looked at how many Americans don’t seem to be over World War II – namely, the Pearl Harbor attack. Now, we’ll look at the “educated” people, and see how they compare to the public opinion.

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Toxic Racism Against Japan Since the March 11 Disaster (Part1)

Gilbert Godfried twitter racism Japan tsunami apology

After the March 11 disaster in Japan, the world focused its media attention here like never before; but for all the compassionate and good-hearted people wishing Japan well, there was some horrible joke or malicious epithet being slurred by the scum of the internet, or on live television. This article looks at the carelessness and callousness that plagues the public forum online, and catalogues some of the idiocy that helps perpetuate the myth that Americans are all idiotic racists. Is it ever okay to make fun of something so tragic? Where do we draw the line between humorous and hurtful? And why have anti-Japanese sentiments been kept alive for all this time?

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Who Needs a Heart Anymore? – The Medical History of the Artificial Heart

We all know that we need a heart to live, but the human heart is quite susceptible to damage and diseases that can only be prevented up to a point. A heart attack occurs when oxygen-rich blood is blocked, and so is not pumped to a part of heart muscle. We can take limited measures to prevent such an occurrence from happening, such as by eating healthy food, but we cannot reduce the possibility of occurrence to 0%. If blood flow isn’t restored early enough, the deprived section of heart muscle will begin to die. When I was a child, I learnt that we humans need two things to live: a heart, and a brain. However, with the current state of our medical technology, do we actually need a heart anymore to be a living human?

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The Social Network Wars in Japan – Mixi, Twitter, and Facebook

The popularity of Facebook is growing to such proportions that it has some people worried that it’s “killing local social networks around the world.” Indeed, as you can see from the map above, the number of users is staggering. And this map is over a year old, so it does not take into account the publicity that came after the release of “The Social Network” in 2011. In fact, that film was a big factor in what made the website more popular in Japan. But now that Facebook’s popularity is increasing, the question many people are asking is: What is the future of social networking in Japan?

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Rich People Don’t Smoke – The Simple Socioeconomics of Tobacco Consumption

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. It blackens your lungs, makes you smell like ashes to non-smokers, and people often depend on them to regulate or mitigate their ever-volatile moods. We know that stress is bad for one’s health, but saying “I need a cigarette, I’m so stressed” is about as helpful as saying “I’m feeling a bit under the weather, pass me that poison.” But this article isn’t about the more obvious medical arguments against smoking. My appeal for smokers to quit is simple: If you stop smoking, you’ll realize that you’re rich.

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Blizzards in the North – Japan Simply Can’t Catch a Break

Japan just can’t catch a break. After one of the most powerful earthquakes in history plunged the country into darkness, we were getting scorched by record-level heats. While the East coast was busy (and still is) recovering from the devastating tsunami, the region of Kansai, West of Tokyo, was being flooded by the most powerful typhoon Japan has seen in over thirty years. Yesterday was the holiday known as “Setsubun,” which officially marked the transition from winter to spring, but many prefectures are facing another round of hardships that contrast to the debilitating heat. Blizzards have come to remind Japan that there’s still plenty more to be concerned about.

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