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2011 World Ranking of Most Gender-Equal, Corrupt, Generous and Prosperous Countries

With the end of 2011, it’s a good time to think about where the world is in terms of extremes. That includes the most populated, most gender-equal, most corrupt, most generous, and most prosperous countries in the world. I specifically … Continue reading

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100+ Japanese Students’ Reactions to Black Friday & Boxing Day

“This is shopping? It looks like war!” This is one of the comments I received from one of the 100+ students who saw the dangers of Black Friday for the very first time. I was asked to give a presentation … Continue reading

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17 Most Tweeted Events of 2011 (You’ll NEVER guess #1)

Everyone thought the year would ring in with the most tweeted story coming from the U.S. Not by a long shot. Continue reading

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2011’s Most Popular (and banned) Japanese Baby Names

A ranking of Japanese baby names was recently released, showing which were the most popular this year. Apparently “Hiroto” is the most popular boy’s name and “Yui” is the most popular girl’s name. Name trends are an interesting thing, because … Continue reading

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Cold Shutdown Achieved at Fukushima Power Plant

It took 131 days to stabilize the Fukushima #1 (Daiichi) power plant, and after setting the goal in April to achieve cold shutdown by the end of this year, TEPCO finally announced that they had succeeded. This means that the water … Continue reading

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Top 4 Documentaries on the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

If there’s one good thing we can say about nature’s merciless beating of Eastern Japan on March 11, it’s that this incident became the most studied natural disaster in the world. Aside from Japan’s extensive scientific detection instruments, ordinary people … Continue reading

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Paraplegic walks away from accident… What!?

Paraplegia can be reversed by… impact?? It’s not something any doctor can honestly recommend, but what happened to one athlete was astonishing. Continue reading

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The Master of Your Own Domain Name – What .xxx Porn Sites Mean For Us

Pornography just got a little more accessible; as if we needed it. A few days ago, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – who oversee many things on the internet – approved the domain “.xxx” to be added … Continue reading

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CG Advances – Part 2: How Close Are We to “Real?”

How realistic are video games becoming? We’ll look at some of the graphically most realistic titles to date. Continue reading

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CG Advances – Part 1: Getting Realistic, and Already Fooling People

The graphics in video games are improving dramatically every decade. We now have plenty of examples of virtually life-like people and realistic-looking scenery in games. Of course, the in-game graphics (i.e., what you see when you control your character) are … Continue reading

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