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Top 10 Stand-up Comedians Who Joke About Muslims/Islam (With Videos!)

We’re 6 months away from “Every Draw Mohammed Day,” but we’re still hearing stories about violent anti-free-speech advocates. Most recently, the office of the satirical French weekly “Charlie Hebdo” was firebombed because of an upcoming edition in which a cartoon … Continue reading

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Love Plus Imagination – Part 1: Dating Sims and other Simulations

In the first of a multi-part series, let’s look at dating simulation video games. What are they, and where did they come from? Continue reading

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Iron as an Achievement of Science, and a Warrior’s Tool

Iron changed the world, because some people used scientific reasoning to make it so. Continue reading

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Is Preserving the Panda Doing More Harm than Good?

Pandas… should we let them die or keep preserving them? It’s not an easy answer, but more and more are saying we should say goodbye. Continue reading

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“Modern Warfare 3” is Released With a Bang, and Lots of Crime

Video game violence and their effects on youth is a hot topic of psychology research. New studies come out every month – such as the recent study out of Australia which found that players devalue themselves and opponents while playing … Continue reading

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“Watergate” was the name designated for the 1970’s political scandal of U.S. President Richard Nixon. Since then, however, it has spawned an annoying trend in the English-speaking media of adding “-gate” to everything. I’m not talking just about scandals, but … Continue reading

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Whatever You Think You Know About bin Laden’s Death is Probably Wrong

The account we’ve all heard about bin Laden’s death was actually largely wrong. Continue reading

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Nationwide Health Experiment: The Fat Tax

Denmark is doing something that has never been done before. They are imposing what is known as a “fat tax.” That is, they have decided to raise the cost of fattening products while reducing the price of healthier alternatives, such … Continue reading

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Relax! Because video games will soon react to your physiological arousal

A new video game patent raises some questions. Namely, “how can we use this technology outside of the entertainment industry to benefit all of us?” Continue reading

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Skeptikai Becomes a Blip!

Skeptikai has reached 10,000 hits. Here’s to the next 90,000! Continue reading

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