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An Apple a Day – Why Steve Jobs REALLY Died

The news of Steve Jobs’ death has been exploding in the international media, shocking Apple lovers from all over the world. Much has been said about him today, and I’m sure over the next few days (at least), archives of his various public appearances and quotes are going to be shown all over the TV and internet. His death was a shock to most people, but after hearing about the sad news, I came across an article that really shocked me, with a twisted new piece of information. Jobs’ death could have been prevented – he could have been saved. What went wrong? Unfortunately, pseudoscience.

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Cute Pink Bunny Teaches Japan about the U.S. Economy

A website I have been frequenting recently, called the “Manga Newspaper” – which reports world news in manga (Japanese comic) form, not news about manga – has been making some nice articles recently. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have any English translations, so non-Japanese speakers are stuck with only the pictures for each story. I’ve decided to start translating articles sporadically, depending on stories that catch my eye, or for their unique Japanese-comic flair or local opinions. In this comic, they talk about the economic problems the lower class is facing in America. I bet you’ve never seen the economic collapse reported like this.

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Exorcism in Japan, and Another Dead Child

“With God by your side, you can do no wrong,” says Father Jose Francisco Syquia, who heads the Manila Archdiocese’s Office of Exorcism in the Philippines. And he should know, since he’s been through hundreds of exorcisms. Indeed, he should know, but clearly he has no idea what it means to be “wrong,” or else he would not try to justify the torturous treatment of mentally ill people. But this caliber of fool doesn’t understand that demonic spirits don’t reside in the victims of exorcisms, but in the minds of those who perpetuate this archaic practice.

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