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Skeptikai Notices (Sep11) – 9/11, Hackers, Psychology, and more

10 years have passed since the World Trade Center fell, more hackers are caught, conformity can be influenced by manipulating the brain, and a tally of some criminals who ended up saving lives during their criminal acts. Continue reading

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A Visual History of Sex and Violence

One graphic shows the evolution of sex and violence throughout history. How much do you know about your past? Continue reading

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Tokyo Likely to Get a Big Earthquake

Tokyo is highly likely to see a big earthquake within the next few decades. There’s not much we can do except learn about the science of earthquakes, and fill the holes in our knowledge about them. Continue reading

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The 5 Most Controversial Ads of August

August was an extraordinary month for the marketing world, as outrage from across the globe caused enough backlash to end various ad campaigns and get people into a lot of trouble. Continue reading

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Skeptikai Notices (Sep1) – Medicine, sex, memory, and skepticism

Half of GPs are okay with sex with patients, as long as they transfer; you’re more likely to remember your first kiss than losing your virginity; memory influences perception; and an Italian science blogger is sued by a pseudoscience purveyor. Continue reading

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