A Visual History of Sex and Violence

I stumbled upon an amazing picture that basically shows the evolution of man in terms of sex and violence, all the way from club-wielding cavemen to go-go dancers and semi-automatic machine guns. It’s a very interesting image that clearly the creator took a lot of time to make. Not just because of the artwork, but because of the random story-arcs and the various period references. So let’s see what you’ve got: How many periods can you identify? (Extra points for relevant locations) Write a comment below to show your history knowledge.

I’ve taken the liberty to write in the numbers  to make them correspond to the rows and re-size the picture so that it’s easier to look at. Contribute with whatever knowledge you have, and let’s see if we can identify the entire spectrum.

The Evolution of Sex and Violence in ManI like to look at this picture and consider just how far we’ve come… but keep in mind that it’s really only geared towards sex and violence. I wish whoever made this (if anyone knows, please inform me) made one for scientific advances, but I’m pleased enough with this.

What do you think about this image?

Title image: Demon’s Souls
Original “Origin of Man” picture
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