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The Orange and Black Market

The illegal trade in wildlife parts is now worth 10 billion dollars a year, making it the third most valuable illegal commodity in the world, following drugs and weapons. On the Chinese calendar, the next Year of the Tiger is … Continue reading

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After the dust settles, the BS appears

I intended to write lots on this blog about pseudoscience, but people like me who have been living in North-Eastern Japan have been busy, among other things, with getting used to the idea of living with constant blackouts, avoiding certain food, and reducing … Continue reading

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Living in a Radioactive Japan

I live in Japan, in the area which is now is plagued by radiation threats. This is my account. Continue reading

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Second Wave of Tōhoku Crisis

The first wave of earthquakes in and around Japan was unbelievable. One massive earthquake of magnitude 9 (it was recently upgraded), making it the 4th biggest earthquake since 1900; with around 200 aftershocks of magnitude 5 or greater, and a … Continue reading

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The Great 2011 Tōhoku Quake

I was well aware of the Great Kantō Quake of 1923, which killed 140,000 people in and around Tokyo. I was also well aware that there is a roughly 80-year cycle, and that there was an extremely good chance that it … Continue reading

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Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous – Korean Slave Edition

When one woman killed herself in 2009, she started drawing attention to the seedy underworld of the Korean entertainment industry. Celebrities have become modern-day slaves in Korea, and pop stars are getting fed up. Continue reading

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